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Monday, February 20, 2012

Team Prepping

One of the most important elements for debaters is current events and a working knowledge of the world.  This is to address the impromptu motions.  Highly encourage your students to read the,, or  These websites have highlights, but the language although difficult is very consistent and helps improve their vocabulary.

Secondly, have them get used to using for background information.  Some coaches disagree with this, but to be fair, it's a good resource with pros and cons allowing the students to have self-expression and to build on it.  The topics don't have to match exactly.  For example, if the topic is to invade Korea, but the closest topic to it is to invade Afghanistan--the issues are still the same--sovereignty, economic impact, political repercussions, and significance.  This is only a starting point.  You use Google to finalize your information and get your statistics.  This is easier than having your student come up with their own ideas initially. 

Thirdly, after the students have written the shell of the case--harm, principle/model, and advantages.  The team brainstorms and addresses it.  This is huge because with the greater circle of viewpoints, the case can become more well-rounded.

Finally, the team must debate it to see how the debate flows.  After the debate, you go through and outline the key players, the issues, how the arguments evolve, and then, discuss how you want to make the debate go.  Lastly, the students then go through and write out their speeches.  The PM speech will be rock solid and set.  The LO will write down his possible arguments and the tie-ins with the DLO while the whip will have an idea of the possible issues to be discussed, the clashes.   The DPM will have their arguments and expansions of the model or principle with a list of possible rebuttals.  This preparation allows for the students to practice the delivery on their speeches. 

If you do not pre-write and debate the motions before hand, you will not beat a well-prepared team.

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