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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Adj test Answers Question 11-14

1.        What is the main job of the Prime Minister?

 background, define terms, scope--or tell me what the debate is about, harm, model/principle, advantages.

2.        What is the main job of the Leader of Opposition?
bstance, background, question or confirm terms, tell me what the debate is about, discuss the harm--either there is no harm, there is a harm and the gov isn't solving it, or there is a harm but we're solving it better, attack model, offer countermodel/principle, and refute advantages then present negative arguments

3.       During the debate on Abortion, the Government team makes up facts that the Judge knows is incorrect because the Judge works for the Ministry of Birth Control.  Thus, he gives the case to the Opposition.  This is fine or not fine?  Why or why not?  What is the rule?

 NOT FINE, judge has entered the debate.  the judge must stay in line with the average and reasonable person, and must give credit for what is on the table, what arguments are being said.

4.         What is the lowest score you can give and the highest score for the constructive rounds?  The reply?

lowest score is 67, high is 77 reply is half of that  33.5 and high is 38.5

these questions are worth 5 each and the first two gets you level two while the next two takes you to level 3

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