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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

National Thailand Adjudication Program

We have started our rating system for judges.  These are guidelines and may be used by the tournaments for allocations.  However, the Adj Core makes the finals decisions.

     The future NTRP ratings will be based on the test score and the performance.  The scores above are based on their prior test score and their performance at the 6th THSDC.  NTAP will rate the judges based on two things--test score on an approved adjudication test and performance at a National Tournament.
      For example, a judge on this list does not have a perfect 5 on his adjudication test thus he can improve his overall rating by re-taking the adjudication test.  We will mandate you must have a  four week window between Adjudication tests.
     The ratings will have for this year four levels:  Chair Grand Finals (4.5 and above),  Chair Prelims (4.0 and above), Panelist (3.0 and above) , and Trainee .  There is no distinction between high school or university adjudicators nor a distinction for National or International tournaments.  Moreover, the rating is for All Asians, World Schools, and not for British Parliamentary system which follows consensus judging.  For now, if you have a Chair Grand Finals rating--4.5 and above, you can chair High School or University, but this rating is strictly a guideline for the tournament, the tournament has the option to allocate judges accordingly.

complete NTAP based on 6th THSDC.

Here are our National Thailand Adjudication Program (NTAP): Chair Grand Final Judges

Rank                Name
1                Arpaporn Tangkrisanakajorn 
2                Kanyanat Piticharoen 
3                Sirin Tangpornpaiboon 
3                Panyarak Roque 
3                Panisa Thongma 
 6                  Gary Sakuma 
6                   Daphne Hingert 
8                Apitha Srivicharnkul 
9                Narongpol Sathorn 
10               Suwitcha Jogthong 
10               TJ 

All Judges above are rated 4.8 and above.

The following are our Chair Preliminary Judges
12    Usjima Vittayaamnuaykoon
13    Zaw Htun Lat
14    Suhail Prasathong
15    Pimvipa Kunanusorn
15    Pitchaporn Leelaarporn
17    New Petch-vra
18    Siravich Sincharoenkul
19    Wilmore Hingert
19    Motoki Luxmiwattana
21    Gary Saisangkagomon
21    Kavindra Tiamsai
21    Patricia Rath
24    Nuttanun Thanomvajamun
25    Palita Likidpongpaisarn
25    Kriangkrai Pipatvilaikul
27    Adrian Baker
28    Naroomol Anandhwanlert

The following are our Panelists:
29    Phat Aphiwatanakoon
30    Paul Freda
31    Peeratat Nganthavee
32    Kittee Boonsongkroh
33    Aim Kusuwan
34    Carmel Chamberlain
35    Jeffrey Kershaw
36    Wan Thabkrajang
37    Vichitpol Patanaporn
38    John Jr. Cork
39    Araya Engpornsyn
40    Patharapong Bhuripanyo
40    Kaisara
42    Tantham Rungvithu
43    Joon Young Lee
44    Mothusi Kemorwale
45    Kasama Kowin
46    Ratdara Wicharn
39    Krissadee Pheunghansaporn
48    Mary Losmithgul
49    Sajal Pradhan
50    Ruby Karki

The following are designated Trainees:
51    Urasaya Pongpiyapaivoob
52    Prompong Pakawanwong
53    Stephen Gibbons
54    Taritsorn Sornprohm
55    Thanyalak Pongchalermporn
56    Stephen Cheek
57    Thunpimol Ekandprach
58    Natthapatch Ratanachaijaroen
59    Zi Qian Wang
60    Napaon Withayasai

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