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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Adjudication Test Sample and Answers

1..       _____   During the PM speech, the Government team does not give a model so it’s an automatic loss.
2    _____   In the LO speech, the PM of the Government team asks a Point of information during the first thirty seconds.  He is allowed to do this.
3     _____    During the round, the Leader of Opposition gives a great first speech, but fails to take any POI’s.  He gets a score of 71.5.  This is fine.
4     _____    The team from the University of State gets up to do his speech.  He reads from a type-written, printed sheet.  This is unacceptable so he is disqualified.
5     _____    The team from the University of State hears the three motions but doesn’t understand a word so he goes to ask his coach for the definition.  This is fine.
6     _____    During the Theme of Entertainment, the University of State debates the value of celebrities in the real world and economics.  The focus is on the celebrity issues.  This is not in line with the theme so they lose.  
7     _____   In a definitional challenge, there are three reasons on how to challenge the definition, one of them is a truism; an argument that is considered to be true by the vast majority of people. 
     _____  The debate team from University of State gives their speech and the PM gives the model but runs out of time so the DPM gives the rest of the model with changes in the next speech.  They lose points for this.
9     _____   It is perfectly fine for the Government whip to give new matter and arguments in their speech.
10.   _____  The LO has the job of challenging the definition.

  These ten questions are basic rules questions.  In question one, there is never an automatic loss in debate.  The teams involved must discuss the issue--you are not to give a team a loss based on one thing or a win based on one thing--unless it's five issues, and they push on 4 of them, the last issue pushes the debate to the other team.  In question one, you can have a principle debate so no model is given.
  In question two, this is not allowed.  The first minute is protected. 
   In question three, there are no scores of 71.5 in the constructive, you may only give a half point in the reply.  You would reduce his score somewhat for not taking a POI.
   In question four, in the rules he would be disqualified.    
   In question five, this is a rules violation.  The team can only talk to the Adjudication core.
   In question six, this is false.  Celebrities are in line with the theme of entertainment so it's fine.  Moreover, if it was not in line, they would lose points based on the importance of the issue or insignificance of the issues.
   In question seven, there are four reasons to challenge, but the heart of the question lies in the fact a truism is one of them.
   in question eight, this is not fair.  the pm must give the entire model in his opening speech.  also, the use of the word rest of the model with changes--means the arguments from the LO have been taken into account so the DPM adjusted the model thus rendering the LO speech unimportant.  That's why this is not fair.
in question nine, it is against the rules for the Government whip to give new matter and arguments in his speech.  However, in the war of words, he is allowed to rebutt the DLO, but that is a rebuttal and not a new argument caseside.
In question ten, the LO has the job of challenging the definition.

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