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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How to Pass the Adj Test

1)  Scoring
2)  Role Fulfillment
3)  Issues
4)  Trick Questions

When you're scoring the round, remember the demonstration debate will be composed of university and high school debaters.  If they're separated as such, the university debaters will be better.  If not, then, you score as follows--  the average is 75, pretend it's 74.  Think of someone you know, the best high school debater at my school is probably two points above average--the real average so 77.  The University debater will be similar.  The highest score you give should be 78 or lower.  Scoring lower is better than too high, because if you score too high, they will ding you.

If they make time and fulfill their roles--that's an average score.  Add in structure, clear arguments, and rebuttals if necessary plus one.  Plus two, if they preview, summarize, and add in more detail.  Plus three, if you want to listen to them--they're captivating.

Role Fulfillment-
Pm must give:

LO must:
rebut--def, harm, model/principle, and justification
give countermodel
argument 1 and w

rebut the rebuttals, countermodel, a1, and a2
give A3 and A4

rebut the rebuttals, countermodel, A1 and A2 rebuild--then rebut A3 and A4.
give new A3 and A4


rebut A3 and A4
issues--harm, model, arguments

opp whip
rebut the issues in issues

opp reply
sum it up

gov reply
prioritize and sum up

Be holistic first in your presentation of the verdict--talk about issues like the harm, model, and arguments, but don't call them harm, model and argument--or for the test--say the harm was the oppression of women--the govt developed this idea through three main arguments--the opp countered with these rebuttals--there was substantiation and refutation from and we see that overall, I felt on this issue--give it to gov/opp


trick questions

POI's are 15 seconds and can be given every 20 seconds
whips/replies can't give new matter/arguments
Pm must state entire model in that speech
LO must state entire counter model in that speech
definitions should be in PM and LO--Lo rebuts it here and this issue dies here, it's not brought up until the end to sum up in the replies
world school can run a negative case,,but all-asians cannot.
nothing is guaranteed--if there is no counter model presented but they imply status quo, then so be it.

there are no automatic losses--

no countermodel
no model
no def
no scope
no arguments

nothing is automatic, but that does greatly hurt that sides case

keep these in mind and you should pass the adj test

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