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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Note Taking in Debate Matches

Have your students listen to a debate and have them take notes, teach them how to take notes, walk through the debate and examine their notes.   Common errors are there is no template before they start.  For example, you know for the PM speech, the format is background, definitions, harms, model/principle, and advantages.  Divide the paper in half so they can take notes and have an area to write a short reply.

Secondary issues are they take notes trying to write down every word and get bogged down and cannot complete the note taking.  Teach them to do shorthand.  Finally, they must write down notes on the POI's.  The POI's don't enter the debate until they're brought up by the next speaker. 

After you examine their notes, teach them to write down quick replies in the sidebars on their sheets to help them get ready for their speeches.

this sample debate pm speech is excellent as it's very slow and clear along with good structure.

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