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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Legendary Pon Tangkrisanakajorn Adjudication method

Pon, who is shy, is the undisputed number one adjudicator in Thailand based on EU-Thailand and the 6THSDC--where in 11 rounds of debates, she has only received perfect 5's scores.  So we asked her for her method, here it is in its simplicity.

1. How did I judge the debate. Did that debate purely boil down to characterization of the actors....i.e. THW legalize corporal punishment in schools...obviously I had to look for the characterization of children and at the end, who really convinced me that the kids will learn with their method of teaching and who would make them rebel less.

or if the debate has analysis that is really good from both sides, the key to judging that debate includes how appropriate the responses from both sides were. If one team used the same rebuttals from first speaker to last speaker whereas the other team came up with new levels of analysis, you have to point that out.
That's the first part of the adjudication, but for personal feedback you can ask me after the round.
2.  Issues in the debate.
What are the clashes?  

3.  Technical suggestion
How the debate was in terms of level. If I felt something was missing, I will suggest it.

In here I tell them about what went wrong in that debate.
- the mutually exclusive rebuttals cannot be the biggest thing you use against the opponent....even if you do, dont forget that you have to rebut them as well.

then, I just point out the technical flaws for both sides.
Perhaps they misrepresented the other team, it's better to rebut the real argument than to make up an argument and rebut that.

and thats my 7-min feed back to the team.

We sincerely, thank Pon for her input. 

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