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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Questions to ask debaters as a coach

1.         The Pm outlines a case where they will bomb Iran when they fail an inspection of their nuclear facilities.  What are problems with this?

2.       The POI Is given that don’t you think bombing Iran without a UNSC, United Nations Security Council approval an act of war?  What is your response?

3.       TH regrets the media in their portrayal of women.   What are positive statements about this?

4.       On the motion, THW prioritize education over infrastructure, what are the key issues?

5.       The government team makes a model to legalize prostitution.
a.       Step 1.  There will be a zone of the city for legal prostitution.
                                                               i.      All prostitutes will be licensed—there will be health checks given monthly.
                                                             ii.      Anyone failing a health check will receive appropriate treatment.
b.      Step 2.  The national police force will regulate the area.
c.       Step 3.  Overseeing the police force will be the judicial system.
d.      Step 4.  Clients will be checked for their health.
e.      Step 5.  All tax money will go to education.

What are problems with this?

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