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Saturday, May 12, 2012

How to debate a Regrets Motion

When debating a regrets motion, such as Th regrets the portrayal of women in media.
The first thing you must do is:
1. Answer the question directly.
The challenge is what does Regret means and what does Portrayal mean? When we think of regret, we think of it means it’s a bad thing for example in a Regretting motion—what is opposite of regret—celebrate/enjoy/embrace people who thinks it’s good and thus you have what the government will be doing, you’ll be saying that the media portrayal of women is a bad thing—that you regret it. Portrayal means the image that is being shown.
Do you have to have a policy—not necessarily—but you could.
Burden—judge needs markers to go by, these are the things that must be connected to the motion and it sets the ground for the judge, this is the debate these are the boundaries.
Step by step
a. Problem/content—logical.
a. Gender stereotype in television
b. Define the problem
b. Policy or solution—ideally, we would like acceptance of all kinds of people.
c. Burden—why portrayal has been harmful—regret it. While opp shows how it’s been beneficial.
a. Regret vindicative women, rich beautiful women, etc.
d. Substantive—two general markers
a. Principle to go by—more important
i. Everytime gender portrayal occurs, it’s influences each generation and hampers change
ii. Bad because people are stuck with traditional gender stereotypes and can’t escape.
iii. Two important questions
1. Why
2. So what?
iv. Example—why are stereotypes bad? hurt women why? because gender stereotypes can’t change
so what?—women are weak.
How does this make a difference reflects the way women are treated.
b. Practical. Gender stereotypes create positive role models for people.
As opposition
c. Stereotype, murder is very negative. So is stereotype.
d. Policy opposition—show we enjoy gender stereotypes that we can talk about being fat, we embrace it and celebrate our differences.

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